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One Heat Pack


  • WARM THEIR HEARTS: These heat packs are made to simulate the body heat of their mother and littermates to comfort them through the day and night.
  • 36-HOUR PERFORMANCE: These packs deliver long-lasting, continuous heat as soon as you tear open the package. Our heat packs are air-activated so you can just tear open and go. You can extend the life of each pack by dropping it in a sealed plastic zip bag when it's not being used.
  • ALL-NATURAL HEAT: Our heat packs are made with all-natural and odorless ingredients that deliver environmentally-safe warmth faster and easier than ever before. They're disposable so when the pack is done simply dispose in the trash.


The cost for each heat pack is $3 (Plus the 3% fee, unless paid in cash.)

Heat Pack for Stuffed Puppy & Lamb

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